Getting an Airbrush Tan

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Airbrush Tanning has always been my favorite way to get a tan.

Civilizations have been obsessed by the look of them since time began. From your striking faces of the ancient Egyptians towards the dramatic white faces in the Japanese Geishas, the quest of beauty often impacts the tone of versions skin. Elizabethan England is plagued by pale faced royalty whose paleness set them independent of the commoner whose skin ended up being darkened my hours of menial work inside sun. The frilly parasol, long sleeves and high necklines intended to protect ones fair skin through the sun’s darkening rays followed the colonists towards the bustling fashion scene inside early American cities involving Boston, Chicago and New york.  You can visit here for some great spray tan tips.

In 1923 legendary French fashion designer Coco Chanel returned through her sailing vacation within the French Riviera. As she strolled straight down the gangplank a trend was born. Her skin, bronzed by days within the deck of her suitor’s private yacht, became the new standard. Pale was out and golden brown was a student in. The privileged few started to vacation in tropical climates through the harsh winter months. Their deep tans pronounced towards the world their position within society. Those less fortunate, spent hours “working on their tans” as they would bake inside sun through the hot summer months.

The particular 1950’s Louis Reard’s conceived the bikini. Soon the “All Over” tan became the style of choice. People flocked to your beaches to soak up sunshine with their baby fat and silver metallic reflectors. Suntanning swept the culture. Coppertone debuted the worlds best tanning advertisement - A new blond girl with a new cocker spaniel tugging on her swimming suit showing a tan line. Headline “Don’t be considered a Pale Face”. However even because of the hype, nature’s long winter months slowly faded the nearly all golden brown skin returning to its natural color.

Coppertone again answers the letter when in the 1960’s it introduced its response to the winter fade. QT Gel aka Quick Tanning Gel was its first effort at sunless tanning. It had been applied with the assurance of golden brown skin tone, but the results had been disappointing. A whole generation can remember in scary the streaking, staining and overall orange effect due to the dye in your lotion.

In the 70’s, German inventor Fredrick Wolff made the tanning bed that soon became an institution for many years in strip malls everywhere. People with busy schedules relished the thinking behind getting a tan in a very few quick minutes beneath specialized lights built in to the tanning beds.

Too Much of a very important thing?


The best sunless tanners have become widely available. There are usually sunless tanning sprays, gel and lotions. Each has a unique benefits but all of them have something in frequent — DHA. Some in the products will also contain a bronzer. Bronzers are dyes put into the self tan sprays or maybe other products to leap start the tanning process. They quickly provide your warm rich golden colour while giving the DHA time for it to work.  You can read more about it at this site:

If you don’t wish to accomplish this yourself, you can try out a spa, salon or other tanning business and have it done for you. Because of the popularity of sunless tanning squirt, commercial outlets are spring up all around the world. You can set a scheduled visit have a professional suntanning spray applied and be continuing your journey. The only cost to you is a little time and a few money. Professional tanning will take few applications during the first month along by using a tanning extending lotion to acclimate your skin to the process. As soon as set, you’ll only need to continue the application of the extending lotion along with about two visits a month to keep your gold tan.